Test Prep


The Specialized High School Admissions Test is a highly competitive high school admissions test. The test consists of math and verbal sections which will test your child’s ability to perform complex thinking.

A very small fraction of the students taking the SHSAT are admitted into the eight schools. Since this is a very competitive test, we have designed a special program for children who have the desire to do well on the exam. With a specially designed curriculum, book list, and lesson plan, we can give your child a competitive edge among the many who take the exam.

Our classes are on Saturdays from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM and 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM during the school year. In the summer, we have classes on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. The classes cover a wide range of subject matter.

We also help prepare for other High School Entrance Exams:

  • Hunter High School

  • LSAT

  • COOP

  • SSAT

New York State Test

In order to pass to the next year, you child must pass the mandated Statewide Tests. Failure to pass the exams can result in your child repeating his or her present grade level. We can make sure that won’t happen. Our specialized curriculum will guide your child in the direction that is best.

The New York State Common Core Tests are administered on the first week of April for students from Grade 3 to 8 in English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.

ELA: The ELA exam is separated into three books.

Book 1: Reading comprehension based multiple choice questions

Book 2: A combination of multiple-choice, short response, and extended response questions.

Book 3: A combination of short and extended response questions.

Math: The Math exam is also separated into three books.

Book 1: Multiple choice questions.

Book 2: Short response questions.

Book 3: A combination of short and extended response questions.

Science: A two-form exam administered in Grades 4 and 8

Performance Test: Each student is to perform scientific tests with actual equipment such as balances, rulers, and beakers.

Written: An exam consisting of multiple choice, short and extended response questions testing scientific observation and fact.

Liberty Tutorial can help your child pass the state test and even develop above average skills in reading comprehension and mathematics. We have packages specifically designed for preparation for these tests. We regularly give students practice exams to ensure they can answer the questions with assurance. With access to the teacher’s undivided attention, your child will learn more effectively than before.



Part of the application progress for college requires the student to take the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). This test is a rigorous three and a half hours of repeated sections. These sections consist of math, critical reading and vocabulary, and writing. This test is very important for the student and both the student and parents must be aware of the exam.

We at Liberty have a dedicated curriculum and package for the SAT. We break up the exam into many parts and teach each part during each session. Since the sections are weighted equally, we will treat each section equally. If the student has an advantage on one section, we will focus on the other sections more and make sure the strength of the remaining section is maintained. Test will be taken often to show progress and make sure that improvements are seen.


The PSAT or NMSQT is an exam that is very similar to the SAT. It is taken in October of the student’s 10th and 11th grade. It contains the math, reading, and writing sections, but does not have the essay. The test can be used as an indicator for how much the student must prepare for the SAT. If the student receives a high score, he or she can receive many of 9,000 National Merit Scholarships.

We approach this much like the SAT. This involves many sections to cover and many topics that must be learned. Since there are no essays and less math topics being tested on, the student can learn more in depth of the topics in the exam. With a huge supply of learning material and a well-designed plan, we can help your child understand the topics more and achieve a good score on the exam.


The American College Test is the test that is used in supplement of the student’s college application. Like the SAT, the exam tests the students, math, reading, and writing abilities. However, the exam also includes a Science section and does not require the essay to be in the exam. The exam still holds the same value as a standard SAT exam.

We have designed a well-organized curriculum for the ACTs. The complicated science and writing sections are what throw off students since the majority of students are used to the format of the SAT. We tell the students to open up their knowledge of science, using the Scientific Method to make sure they understand what is necessary to answer the question. With constant testing and vigilant watching of progress, we can assure results.

Regents/AP/SAT II


In New York State, students in high school must pass the Regents exams in order to obtain their diploma. There is a Regents exam for almost every subject taken in high school. The exam also serves as an assessment of the performance of the student in that subject. Doing well in the exams also gives the student the chance to have a higher recognition diploma.

The Regents exams can seem overwhelming. Many students have come to make sure that they are doing well. Others have come due to inability to retain the topic. We help all students do well on the Regents exams and break down the topics that are hard as understandable as possible. We have a multi-session plan created specifically for students taking the Regents exams.


The Advanced Placement exams are exams created by the same company that creates the SAT exams. The exams cover advanced topics of a specific subject. This can include Chemistry, English, Calculus, Human Geography, Spanish, and many others. If the student does well on the exam, the course can be transferred in as college credit.

If the student struggles in the course and does not wish to transfer out, we can help better the student’s approach of the course. With well explained topics and proper assessment through questions, the student can improve significantly and eventually do very well on the AP exam.

SAT II Subject Tests

The SAT II exams are subject exams that can be taken to test the expertise of a student in a subject. This test can be taken to improve one’s standing in a college application. The subjects can range from Physics and Math to English and some Foreign Languages. If the student wishes to exploit his or her skills in a particular subject, he or she should consider taking the corresponding SAT II exam.

Since this is an exam that students take to exercise their ability to do very well in a subject, a majority of our approach will be testing. We will try to remove all possible areas of doubt and establish full confidence and assurance.


The General Educational Development Test or the Test Assessing Secondary Completion is taken by those who haven’t finished high school and would like to receive a degree equivalent to a high school diploma. The test will assess the person’s ability to know topics that high school students normally learn in the four years of high school. Consisting of many topics ranging from history, algebra, writing, and biology, the exam long and rigorous.

We know that the number of topics can leave someone overwhelmed. So we’ve decided to make a long curriculum designed to allow the student to learn the topics necessary to do well in the exam. Since there is a massive topic list, we believe the student should take more time to grasp the topics until he or she is confident.