About Us

2. About UsLiberty Tutorial is located in Queens, New York. Having twelve years of experience teaching related subjects in elementary, middle and, high school, we provide after school and homework help programs in addition to tutoring on numerous subjects. Our highly qualified and professional tutors enjoy working with children, provide one-on-one and group tutoring, and are determined to help them succeed. We have an extensive amount of resources and understanding in all subjects. Through our tutoring centers, students obtain academic skills, gain confidence and motivation to succeed in life. We look forward to helping more students reach their potential.

Our Approach

We give every child diagnostic tests that will identify his or her strengths and weakness. After completing the tests, it is graded and discussed with the parents. Based on the test scores, we create a unique curriculum. Our professional tutors will follow the curriculum to improve your child’s performance.

Individualized Tutoring

Every child has a unique set of learning habits. We focus on each child differently based on the strengths and weaknesses. Using what we know from the diagnostic test, a custom-built curriculum is designed. From there, we can focus on the weaknesses and build on the strengths of each child no matter how different they will be.

Our Staff

The tutors of Liberty Tutorial are certified by the state and trained by the management to be able to work with children in an educational environment. Our staff consists of skilled tutors and excellent management. We work with the student, parents, and each other in order to understand the progress of each student and to find the most optimal techniques to further the student’s understanding/progress.

Progress Counseling with Parents

At the end of every month, we show the child’s progress to the parents and discuss the performance of the student so far. We also discuss the next steps that should be taken.